Put On Some Damn Pants And Get To Work

I think this is the first time in six months that I’ve had pants on before 11AM . . . and it feels great.

I’m plopped down in a cheap but comfy office chair at Office Nomads–a big brick-walled dream put together by local tech-geek and cap-wearer Jacob Sayles. ON’s new space cavernous–over 5,000 square feet–and decked out with donuts, coffee, a printer and a bunch of smiling Seattle Indie Pros blinking at the light and remembering what it’s like to be out of their home-office caves and out in the world again.

I’ve gotten more done in the last hour than I typically do all day working at home. And as part of ON’s grand opening he’s letting people plop down and work for free.

Check it out at officenomads.com . . . and come down and get some damn work done.

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